Our Goal Is To Exceed Your Expectations

The combination of our excellent staff, superior operations, and devotion to customer service, means one thing to all of us at Bank of England Mortgage Colorado: We will not stop until we have exceeded our clients' expectations. We look forward to that opportunity.

Why Choose BOE Mortgage Colorado

We know the community and we are able to provide a well-rounded review of a loan application and the best service in the industry. We do not just rubber stamp the decisions that an impersonal automated underwriting system produces and that many lenders use as the sole criteria for a lending decision. The result is that we collect and analyze more information on our borrowers and make better decisions that save time and money.

We employ the most knowledgeable loan officers in the industry and because of their expertise, they qualify more borrowers, identify their needs, and ensure that each person buys the loan that is right for them and their family.

Our Goal Is To Exceed Your Expectations
The combination of our excellent staff, superior operations, and devotion to customer service, means one thing to all of us at Bank of England Mortgage Colorado: We will not stop until we have exceeded our clients' expectations. We look forward to that opportunity.

Welcome to Bank of England Mortgage Colorado

Kind Words from Our Borrowers

Mr. Furgione, I wanted to state how please I am to deal with honest people, like yourself, who are not out for the buck, but for what is best for the client. I recently reached out to you in hopes of re-financing my home loan. Instead of you taking advantage of my request, you showed honest and professional behavior by informing me that I , at the current time, have the best offer available. Again, I appreciate your concern for me as a person and not as a dollar sign. I appreciate my interactions with you and wish more people like you existed in the business world. I will remember you for future options and tell my friends about your ethical business practice.
- Barbara T.

I would just like to commend Bank of England for an outstanding job of taking care of me and my financial needs. I have worked with Bank of England Mortgage in the last year twice (Home Mortgage & Home Refinancing) and both times I received the same stellar service. I was referred to BOE by a friend and from the moment I first spoke with Kevin Tuccitto I received nothing but excellent service. Kevin was knowledgeable, professional, efficient, and provided great customer service. He constantly kept me informed and if a bump in the road got in our way, well, he always had a solution. Talk about a company that truly lives by its mission! Not only does BOE do what they say they will do but they hire the right individuals to make it true to the core. Thank you again for everything Kevin and Happy New Year BOE!!!
- Audrey F.

As a result of the excellent services, my spouse and I received from William Furgione and Jimmy Wright, our mortgage has been refinanced and streamlined allowing us to have disposable income and freedoms. We were so elated with our services that we recommended them to my sisters who are now receiving benefits from them which will allow them to save a significant amount collectively. Thank you William and Jimmy, we appreciate you and will continue to recommend you to others.
- Anthony & Gloria

Welcome to Bank of England Mortgage Colorado
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A Straightforward Guide To The Mortgage Application Process

We created this simple guide to help borrowers learn about the types of home mortgage loans, understand the mortgage process, and make well-informed decisions when selecting a mortgage.

What is the typical home loan process?
A typical home mortgage loan process consists of 10 easy to complete steps:
1) Complete the pre-qualification worksheet.
2) Pre-purchase consultation with one of our well-trained, experienced home mortgage bankers.
3) Gather and prepare necessary documents.
4) Receive a credit approval.
5) Perform a property inspection.
6) Mortgage banker orders home mortgage loan documents.
7) Borrower purchases homeowner's insurance.
8) Your mortgage banker updates you on your document status.
9) Seven-day pre-closing confirmation
10) Easy, smooth, on-time closing!

Once I sign my application am I committed to borrowing money?
No. Your pre-closing signatures are not binding, though they do allow your mortgage banker to negotiate and approve you for a loan.

Can I use Internet statements?
Internet statements are not allowed because Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not convinced that they cannot be altered. They require that a consumer submit ALL PAGES of a hard copy statement, even if the first page is an advertisement.

Who orders the appraisal and survey, and when is it ordered?
Your mortgage banker will order the appraisal and survey for you. (Unless your home is new construction and then your builder will order your survey.) Most contracts have option periods that allow you to dictate when the appraisal and survey are ordered.

What does the term "locking my rate" mean?
Locking your rate refers to guaranteeing an interest rate for a specific period of time. Shorter lock periods usually have lower interest rates. For more information or to compare mortgages and rates, contact our qualified home mortgage bankers!

Do you "sell" your loans?
We serve as both a broker and a banker and that means we can service or sell your loan. A mortgage banker will originate, process, underwrite, close and fund the loan in-house. A mortgage broker will sell your loan to an investor who has guaranteed your loan program, and therefore, your loan will be serviced and funded by that investor.

What are origination and discount points?
Origination and Discount points are both a percentage of your loan. Usually 1% of the total amount of the loan (often tax deductible*). Clients with low or no down payment can still obtain a loan, but will usually pay a slightly higher interest rate.

What is Annual Percentage Rate, or APR?
Usually higher than your quoted interest rate because it includes, in addition to interest, some of the additional costs of obtaining your financing.

* - Please consult a tax advisor

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